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ALOHA, welcome to Hawaii

Although I never there before, I knew much Hawaii. The first moment I knew about Hawaii when Japan Army attacked the Americans base. There was the beginning. The day and the day, I learned much about Hawaii. The unique dancing, and Aloha the greetings if you came there. If you heard and watched the TV or Radio, the spoken told us, many people, artists, famous people like the football player, visited this island. The spoken was also told that, Hawaii had been popular with the unique place, the beautifully nature, and the fantastic beach. Like Bali, every people were wished and be there just only a moment. They told Hawaii like a Garden of Eden.

This opportunity makes a businessman from local and foreign invested there. They changed Hawaii became more beautiful with the luxurious and peaceful to make people feel like home and maybe like heaven. The Development of real estate, hotels, pleasure parks, and also the beach made you interested with their design, architecture, models, and many more. For example, there many developer of real estate like Hawaii real estate, Oahu real estate, and Kauai real estate. I knew that this is for them who are the rich people. But it’s ok if you just visited this place, to look around and enjoy like yours. Maybe one day if you become richer, and you have a plan to buy a rest room when you are older, this is can become you references.

For people with enough money, they could go there and felled their selves. You could travel it by yourself. If this is your first time and for you who wanted a guideline, a traveler agency is might be interest to accompany you.
Go to Hawaii and tell me what does Hawaii looks like.

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