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Have you ever taste the France’s wine?

Europe is a classic continent where the countries have a conservative style in many things. Language, product (mobile phone, automobile, life style) and the cultures of course are the example of theirs. If you are the conservative person suitable with European, go there and compare of fell their touching in life. France is an example. There are many things. Let us start from wine, fashion, dinner and of course their language. If you are in Paris and you seek information, please use local language first to open the conversation. That is France.
Look theirs dinner. It is so rigid to change. France people are fanatic about it. But, the other hand, many people in other countries want and getting their live experiences to dinner although you can do it in France Restaurants in your country.

Next on, don’t you never ever ask about France’s best wine. Whole people know. Once day on TV,the spoken told about a family farm in France. They had many hectares to produced wine. Latter, they also make their own the wine. Common knowledge we know that if the wine is kept longer become higher quality. Spoken was told also that the family farm had a best wine. They keep it from 17th century. Actually, I ever never taste it.

So, if you are very interesting about it, I will guide you there. the important thing you should know are prepare your money, find information about hotels in Paris, nice hotels and others cities in there. It is right if you choose the hotel nearest the place you want to visit. If you want to family farm of wine or to experience dinner, hotels in France provide it.

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