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Refer to Fat Joe boys food

I’m going to tell you about one of my cousins, Joe is his name but we use to call him FJ (refers to Fat Joe) because it is more cool and I think he is a cool guy. When you have him around you will find a cheerful atmosphere all over him, we always laughing at his jokes. And since he hardly even stops talking, we always feel our stomach hurt after meet him. We all love Joe.The other reason why we like him so much is because he is a very helpful person. Hardly reject any request, a friendly person. But because of it last month he got into trouble when his matron found cocaine in his room, and the lab test shown he was addicted to it. Like I said before, he is a very kind so when his roommate was seduced him to try it he couldn’t reject it until he become addicted. Latter we know that his roommate was a drug dealer. His headmaster who understand him (he is famous everywhere he goes) suggest that he should take cocaine treatment programs, if he already clean he can go back to school again. So they send him home.

When we first visited him he refused the idea of going into drug rehab for addiction treatment. Can you guess what his reason? It was beyond our imagination. He though that with all the healthy food they provide there, he will never enjoy life again. Because it will be feel like eating trash every single day. He said he will lock himself in a room with toilet and television inside until clean as long as he can still enjoy good food, because nothing worst then bad meal! Can you believe it? All of our persuasion to him about how great the view of this place was not moving him, it is a very beautiful place indeed, it’s kind of holiday resort than an opiate rehab centers. I knew from my aunt that when FJ in elementary school he got typhoid and hospitalized for a week. At that time he was very miserable and traumatic about the food, FJ always enjoy food since he knows how to enjoy it. My aunt was so desperate; she came to the canyon and asked them for a sample of their food that can be brought home. After tasting it FJ start packing and want to go o this place within an hour after that. Gosh he must be very enjoying the food. When I called him yesterday and asking how’s his doing in there, he said that he will stay until the mid semester test in his school pass by, because all the felling about the test make him feel ‘unclean’. Ha…ha… I’m glad he already becomes himself again.

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