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Software for my mom

My Mom will have her 55th birthday next week; we all her children were all very confused about choosing the right gift for her. I mean…she has everything she need, and she doesn’t like any expensive things. She always teaches us not to spent lots of money on luxurious things; always try to find money with anything that we done. With a hard worker like that we were in confusion. We discuss about the right gift by phone and found nothing that we think can please her.
My husband came with the idea that if we want to make her happy is by finding a way to expand her catering business. I do know how my Mom likes doing it, she is very proud about it. She already had 20 employees to do it. I start to discuss this idea with Alex, my younger brother and he comes with the idea to market it by shopping cart software. Okay, I knew nothing about software, I told him that’s crazy how can we do it? But he just laughs at me and said that if I can provide some pictures about Mom’s catering he will help us with the shopping cart software.
I did send him those pictures and he asked me yesterday to try visiting the online stores that he was customized for Mom and tell him how I think about it. And when I saw it, it was wonderful. There’s Mom picture there, the menu with price to compare with, how to order and everything is in green, my Mom’s favorite color. She will love it. I just can’t wait for her birthday, she will be so surprised.

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