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Vacation in Europe, why not!

White-Skin Continental Europe has beautiful society, cultures, building architecture, art, and amazing history and science development. American came from there. Europe charms us for their cities, morphology city design, building and more.
I like Europe and I wish there someday. I wish spend my time in England and France. I want to see young Lion-Heart Richard, why they become so scaring in the past.
Well well well!!!
Remember; before you are in England, maybe you should transit and keep your days in France, Paris. You must try their wine, how it tastes. People said that France is popular because of its wine. You should try it, and remember there are various Hotels in Paris for you to choose.
Here is my simple plan, I want a week there in England, feel the beautiful country with amazing ancient-glorious and unique building architecture. A week is too fast because of my constraint, money!
I sure Hotel in London can gives me cheap hotels there and I got it.
If dear readers interest as same as me, visit to London and France, maybe you can use my information; I have collected it from the trusted sources, so you save your time, save your plan and not loss in your journey in England.
I don’t know what your target in England, honeymoon, journey or a business activity, culture travel or something like that. You must choose a place in England for your central of your journey. Manchester is best for your central because from Manchester you can visit another places easily. Hotels in Manchester are good choice for you and suit with our pocket. And Hotels in Amsterdam is your other chose.

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