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I find the best program to sell your link without TLA

Some blogger have problem when monetize their blog with TLA (Text Link Ads). TLA have high requirement to join their program. Cause problem, you do not have many traffic and Low Page rangking. But now don't worry, youstill can make money with your blogspot content.
Read this program Name Teliad . This program is manual approvement like TLA. But if your content is relevan and original. I think teliad will approve your blog on their listing sell link ads. Teliad is the marketplace that makes the purchase and sale of text links simple. Text link advertising with direct HTML links is an effective form of online advertising that is becoming more and more popular. The text links take the form of text advertisements containing descriptive information and are predominantly placed in the editorial environment of a website. Especially our innovative products, Content-Links and InLinks, methodically target the valuable content area of a webpage, since text links in the content are classified as more important for search engine relevance.
So, Let's join in my affiliate link Teliad here !. I just have one payment after you can sell your content with minimal link 20 in euro.

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