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Prevent loss for a job get a freelance skill

Loosing job from a company is difficult to protect your self. If you don’t have skill to survival on this hard life, you must try to learn any knowledge and ability. This situation is happened to me last years ago. What can I do?
Think and think, explore your brain to have more jobs. On internet the basic off jobs is writing and reading. First read the opportunity to have more knowledge about make money online and get a job on internet. Why internet? Cause you red this on internet ha.. J
After a years study by my self, I have a good idea. First, get a jobs from internet by freelance broker. Second, try to make easy blog or website to explorer and show up your skill, third try to sell a product by affiliate product and get the ads on your page and get more revenue with more program. The program is text link ads, review article and promoted on your social networking and email.

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