Personal Report and Opinion about everything on my mind. When I find something on the internet, and I interesting with that, I will make some article, photo, or video. With my writing skill and a little programming on computer, I think I can explore my brain with a lot off idea.

Idea is opinion so make its record

Some time you have idea to make someting or to do something. But after several hour, day or at the moment you forget the idea. Hard to find again. I always write my idea. Now you can write on your phone note, table, ipad or absolutley notepad on your personal computer. Make a little record from your thingking brain is good. That is can make space on your memory to remember. Like a computer your brain is an memory and hardisk. Your Chips is your work head. After several month, I don't touch this blog, I want to record about change idea about affiliate marketing and keyword idea to make write alittle anywhere. And after have a time can looking the idea and follow the working place. This blog make me remember to always making a record about my opinion.

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