Personal Report and Opinion about everything on my mind. When I find something on the internet, and I interesting with that, I will make some article, photo, or video. With my writing skill and a little programming on computer, I think I can explore my brain with a lot off idea.

BUY Individual Software Photostudio Expressions Platinum 6 NOW

Individual Software Photostudio Expressions Platinum 6

Individual Software Photostudio Expressions Platinum 6

If You search Software then Individual Software Photostudio Expressions Platinum 6 is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 31.72

Intuitive &
Easy to Use - Easier Than Any Other Brand! Import Photos &
OrganizePowerful Photo Editing Tools

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Typing Quick & Easy 17 (Home Edition) (Electronic Software Delivery) for Win

Typing Quick & Easy 17 (Home Edition) (Electronic Software Delivery) for Win
Typing Quick &
Easy is the ultimate typing teacher! By combining effective instructional techniques with easy to use menus, you'll learn touch typing quickly and easily
Typing Quick &
Easy also adds fun and challenging exercises to the learning process with timed tests, eight exciting typing games, and interesting articles for transcription practice
Easy, Fast and Fun Built in Typing Plans Touch typing strategies Over 50 comprehensive lessons A wide variety of test material Timed &
non timed tests Instant feedback on WPM &
accuracy Progress reports by key, finger, hand &
row Over 250 practice articles Eight, high quality typing games Over 50 music soundtracks Beginner, Learned Keys &
Advanced levels Award winning Typing Techniques Typing Quick &
Easy tailors the learning experience to your needs
Whether you're new to typing or you just need to sharpen your skills, Typing Quick &
Easy has the right lesson for you
Learn to Touch Type Quickly learn the correct finger to key positioning and begin typing without looking at the keys
Includes positioning for standard keyboards, split keyboards &
the 10 key numeric keypad
Proven touch typing teaching methods incorporate double key stroking, instant feedback &
a step by step educational design
Watch your WPM increase as you type &
use music to develop your typing rhythm
Increase Speed &
Accuracy Build speed and accuracy through typing tests of varying length and difficulty
Tests are designed not only to evaluate your new skills, but also to help you improve skills in specific areas
Build your speed with timed typing tests &
your stamina with non timed tests &
Choose from a variety of tests including random words, complete sentences &
other specially designed tests
Assess your level of advancement using tests such as the Expert Touch Typist Test
Create personalized lessons &
tests using your own material
Increase Speed and Accuracy with Tests and Results Build speed and accuracy through typing tests of varying length and difficulty
Assess your level of advancement and use saved results, reports, and graphs to assess strong and weak areas and your improvement trends
Engaging Interactions Effective Results &
Feedback After each typing lesson, test, and article transcription, you receive immediate feedback on your speed (WPM) and accuracy percentage
Each result is saved for further review
View or print results to pinpoint strong &
weak areas
Examine all or a portion of your saved results to determine speed &
accuracy trends
Assess specific keystroke data by hand, finger, row &
Games Enhance the Learning Experience Eight exciting typing games challenge you to improve your typing skills
Xtreme Typing Flotsam Fighter II Wild West Sea Adventure Diamond Glider Erik the Viking Gone Fishin' Cliffhanger Interesting Articles Keep You Practicing Magazines offer a variety of articles &
short stories
With over 250 interesting articles to choose from, there is something for everyone
You can even personalize &
organize your own articles
Note: This product is licensed for personal/home use only
It is illegal for single user software to be used for multiple users
Volume License pricing and Multi User Licenses are available for Business, Government, and Education.

Price : 19.95

Emedia TimeStretch Software

Emedia TimeStretch Software
eMedia TimeStretch Software slows down music without changing the pitch so you can play along at a practice tempo and then gradually come up to the speed of your favorite recordings
Now you can practice any piece of music at any speed
Music teachers will be delighted by how much easier it is to transcribe or analyze a song with adjustable tempo
Additionally, TimeStretch can transpose a piece of music, adjusting it to a higher or lower register as needed
Adapt, select parts, save and burn from your audio CDs and WAV, MP3 and WMA files
This indispensable software music tool helps you quickly learn songs and jam along with your favorite recordings
Slow down any music without changing pitch: TimeStretch Software allows you to change the tempos of your audio CD and files including WAV, MP3, and WMA without changing the pitch
You can jam along with ease by reducing the speed to a tempo you're comfortable with
You'll be able to hear exactly what's being played and learn your part
eMedia TimeStretch Software also allows you to transcribe with ease at your own pace, adapt the tempo and tonality of your music, adjust the playback speed without changing pitch, and use the EQ to hear individual instruments such as the bass or vocals
You can transpose a song to suit your vocal or playing range, fine-tune your transposition, and select sections for looping
Make audio CDs to play along with: With TimeStretch software, you can compile your own collection of customized songs when you create a playlist of your time-stretched songs
You can import tracks from your audio CDs, MP3s, WAVs or WMA files and convert your files to WAV, MP3 or WMA
TimeStretch will then make it possible for you to burn new audio CDs that include your new settings (including tempo, transposition, selections, etc.) .

Price : 24.95

MusicReader PDF 4 Software for MAC and PC on CD

MusicReader PDF 4 Software for MAC and PC on CD
Manage your PDF sheet music library, create playlists, and make annotations with MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC computers.WithMusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC, you can carry your entire music library with you wherever you go
Find any piece instantly
Create playlists and customize effortless page turns
View music in a variety of formats: zoomed half page, full page, rotated portrait (for non-Mac supported graphics cards) , and double page views
Annotate your music with digital ink in multiple colors non-destructively
MusicReader PDF 4 works with all PDF files natively
Mac and PC compatible, with MusicReader PDF for iPad available separately through the Apple App Store (MusicReader PDF for iPadis included in the price for this software - purchase MusicReader for iPad app from the Apple App Store, thenclick here to request a reimbursement from the developer)
Use MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC to scan and create PDF files from your paper scores, then transfer them wirelessly to your iPad with the MusicReader PDF for iPad app
MusicReader PDF 4 comes with a full set of musicians' tools, including: A music library
Store your sheet music and find it easily and quickly
The library also has playlist support so you can make lists of pieces for rehearsals and performances
The music can be categorized according to title, composer, genre, instrument and instrumentation
Turn half or whole pages
MusicReader can turn half pages or whole pages to make it easier to play without interruption
Or view two pages of music on one screen
Annotate in multiple colors and line widths
It is also possible to draw predefined symbols and highlight certain locations in the music
All annotations can be easily erased
Zoom to 8x original size
The sheet music can be displayed in full size without any bars and/or menus on screen, making the music optimally readable
Tune your instrument while viewing the sheet music.The tuner can generate tones or listen to what you play

Price : 69.00

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate Software, Windows (8129235)

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate Software, Windows (8129235)
Software: PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X System requirements: Intel or AMD 1.5 GHz or faster processor with SSE2 supported, 2GB RAM (4GB or higher recommended) , 1GB hard disk space

Price : 99.99

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