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Re: Reply: Why The FLASHLIGHT and THE CAMERAS are Connected?!

Re: Reply: The FLASHLIGHT and THE CAMERAS are Connected?!

Freddy Theory. Can we reach five likes? (Please)
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This theory is about how you can shine the flashlights into the computer monitor to get light on the camera end. That might seem impossible, but we try to find out using clever around-methods. Please note that this is not-canon. This is just for explanation. For more information, watch the video (if you read the entire thing!)

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Theory Transcript:

So, here's my THEORY. They are connected. All the lights that are brightened by the flashlight are connected to other flashlights- and a little switch on the flashlight ignites whichever one you are looking at- as the computer tells it through a wire. That seems absurd, but since FNAF is already absurd, with 5 murders in a haunted pizzaria with robots that move because their servos can lock up with springtrap suits, deadly springs, and golden halluencations? That's pretty absurd already. So, back to your regularly scheduled video, [static] You can also always use it since in FNaF 2, you have 1.21 GW of.. no, unlimited power. But, why would they have a shared power source? So you can use the flashlight if the power goes out- even if it never happens in-game, this is still the human timeline, and it could go out in the LAND OF REALITY. But, also, why would they share a power source if they could just have the battery in the cylinder of the flashlight? Cuz' the flashlight is so powerful, it has huge battery consumption, and to last a full night, it needs a bigger power bank!

Well, look at these images. The one on the left is a average flashlight, the ones you can pick up at your local shop. In fact, it is actually a iPhone 7 one, so take this with a slight grain of salt. The one on the right is the FreediLight (freddy light) [freddy light TM]. You can see that the regular one is barely 1 foot, from my own experience taking it in the DARK BATHROOM, while the one in-game is shockingly large, and if you ever had experience playing the game it is about 3 Toy Freddies across. According to MatPat, each Freddles-Freddy is 32 cm across, and I guess they are about the same size, so 32 cm it is. Taking that it is 3 Freddies across, that means it measures 96 cm, or for Americans, 3 feet 1.7935 inches. That easily dwarfs our average-er, and it is also more concentrated, and if you didn't know, they are supposed to disperse when length increases. Looking back at the average-er it is already semi-dispersed, while the game one is several times more concentrated, even if it has that old ring. This all points to that the flashlight in game is so powerful it needs its own power source, which also allows it to be used in other rooms. But your skeptical brain says: \

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