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Hola. Como estas?

First time I heard this Spanish greeting was from a cartoon film about a girl and her monkey. In English it means: Hello, how are you?
Before I knew Spain, this country is not more than just a country with a great football. But then I read and found, Spain is such a beautiful and intresting country you should visit. There's a lot to be experienced by yourself!
Like Indonesia, Spain is rich with their monumental heritage and dazzling natural environment. Such as Camino de Santiago, Ruta Via de la Plata, and Ruta del Califato. They're great places you shouldn't forget.
Beside those, only in Spain you could experience La Tomatina, the tomatoes festive. Its a summer festive which allowed you and other people throw a (billions of) tomatoes to each other. You'll be red in just a second!
And this is my favorites ones: La Corrida de Toros, or the bull range.

You could watch them fight on television, but it such an experemental when you could see it direcly. I adore those guys gutes, also their good looking.
Don't worry about the price, Spain have so many cheap accommodation and hotel you
could afford. I think you would like to see Hotels in Madrid and Hotels in Barcelona

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Buenos gracias!

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