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My dream go to Australia come true

To be honest, I'm not a person who has a lot of money. Well, I could save from my salary, but it not much. But when my friend offered me to go to Australia, I took his offer in about hours (coz I had to count my savings first).
There were many reason I took the chance:
  1. I've never been abroad before, so this would be my first time.
  2. Although Australia has became a part of the Asean countries, for me their still a western country. So my first time abroad is to a western country ha! More prestise, don't you think?
  3. My friend promised me, although we're going to three cities, I don't need so much money as I imagined. He told me about a cheap Hotels in Perth, Hotels in Adelaide, and Melbourne Accommodation. We'd be a backpackers (but still in a western country, mate!!!).
  4. We went to Australia on February. As I heard: they have so many festivals during those period. Well, I still love Australia without those festivals anyway. They have so many wonderful objects and activities for my holiday.
  5. Last but not least, I went there with a great companion. It made those lovely trip more and more lovelier.

Try on, take some of your savings (I believe you have much money than I was) and enjoy the trip.

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