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I dare you to change you life

Yesterday I bumped onto a girl who once worked with me. Its been two years since I didn’t see her, also she was busy with four to five shopping bags and two tiny little mobile phones in her hand, so I didn’t expect she would notice me. But then, I heard she called me and waved with all those stuffs hanged in her arm. In about seconds, she stood in front of me to said, "Is it really you? O' little sister, you've change so much since you left our office."I'm sure she remember the day I left. Oh no, don’t you think she's a sweet and tender friend, no she wasn’t. She was the reason I gave up on the job. To give you a picture, on her 28 years old she was like a grumpy cheerleaders who would bothered her juniors with comments about the way you dressed and make up. I should admit, grown up in country and then got a job in the city, wouldn’t change you like them in days. But she just wouldn’t take that, especially coz the big boss thought I didn’t need a good looking to be a leader on a project. So there she was, she told everyone bout the mistake the company has made and aggregated how lousy and ridicolous I looked. Only took months before I gave up on her big mouth. But then here we were, stood on each other. I wore a Prada gown and handbag, on a 6 inch Choo shoes, and O2 in my hand ready for an opera in the town with my friends.
"Gina, I need my mobile, please." Suddenly a guy shouted to her from a distance. There he was, my ex good looking boss. Not like Gina, he didn’t recognized me. "Life's chance, Honey. When I turn to fab, I see you stay the same, almost to nothing." Then I left her.

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