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Loan Money For Student

Have you heard about student loan consolidation? Well, I didn't know it until a months ago from the Oprah Show. Actually, Oprah didn't tell us about the student loan consolidation, but she showed us how to use our money effectively to avoid us living from day to day paycheck
From my search, Wikipedia wrote: Student loans are loans offered to student to assist in payment of the cost of professional education.
These loans usually carry a lower interest rate than other loans and usually issued by the government. Salute for those countries who provide a student loan for their students.
I believe it will help them a lot. I remember the time when I was in college. In fact studied hard, I had to work hard, so I would have enough money for next semester.I didn't regret it, but still, it would do so much different if the government could provide private student loans just like other countries already have.

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